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Balinese Dance Classes

For a culturally stimulating and physically challenging experience, try your hand at the traditional Balinese dance. Led by expert instructors, the sessions are designed to be fun and relaxed and perfect for all age groups and abilities.

The Hava Ubud A Pramana Experience

Balinese Dress

Add unique memories to your photo album by trying on traditional Balinese outfits. Try a range of items and strike a pose to capture the moment.

The Hava Ubud A Pramana Experience

Making Balinese Canang and Klakat

Try your hand at making our beautiful Canang. These are our daily offerings to the gods and take some time to prepare. They are all hand-made using palm or coconut leaves and filled with colourful flowers and other assorted items. Klakat are bamboo stands which hold offerings, they are intricate in design and can be seen around the island. We invite you to join our staff as they show you how to make your own.

The Hava Ubud A Pramana Experience

Cooking Class

Test your skills and take home some new knowledge by joining our fun and hands-on cooking class. It provides an immersive experience into Indonesia’s rich food culture, make traditional treats like Tipat and Bambu Bali. Using fresh produce and local ingredients, you will learn how to make some of Indonesia’s and Bali’s most famous dishes.

The Hava Ubud A Pramana Experience

Balinese Culture Dinner

Our cultural dinner is a celebration of our finest food and drink, make a reservation and taste the best Bali has to offer. Join us for an evening of fine dining and memorable moments.

The Hava Ubud A Pramana Experience

Morning Walk

Experience the serene and cool ambiance of Ubud’s countryside with a morning walk. Feel the beauty of Ubud’s nature with its expanse of rice fields, the morning routines of the Ubud community, and its cultural heritage.

The Hava Ubud A Pramana Experience
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